What I wrote here might be your first impression of me, I know the profile photo above are little bit cliché. 

But I assume it does make me looks thinner and better. (The everyday weight battle, you know that.)

Professionally, I am a design and art direction based Creative Director. 
I spent lots of years working in Ad Agencies, but I am not a fan of Jon Hamm.

I have no ambition to create most talkative ad that doesn’t impact 
people’s life or make a positive change.

I started my career as a graphic designer, after many years practice,
I realized everything is design, at least you can implement the design thinking into everything: designing a story structure, designing the experience process for a hospital, designing the music sequences, designing a brand visual system, 
even design a life that you want to live in.

So I followed the design method to create the ads and design both in States and China. 
Fortunately, I won some major awards, and served big names, such as NIKE, APPLE, and SAMSUNG, landed my career both in Asia and U.S.

I am also a film nerd. I studied filmmaking in Paris and New York. 
I Wrote and directed two short films and many brand films. Currently. 
I am writing a feature script that wanted it change to a Tv Show, 
but it didn’t successes so far, but Still trying.

Life? You will know when you see me and talk to me, 
I am pretty easy, laugh a lot at ridicules jokes and asking a lot silly questions.

Well, hit me up for cool projects and awesome career opportunities.


 Download my CV here

My linkedin Page: https://cn.linkedin.com/in/yunna-tea-qiu-87a84022

Contact me here:


+1 (917) 331-8529 / +8613918522971