here are a few things worth mentioning

I am an independent art-based creative-cum- film director,  working across advertising and film industry.

Regardless of being a creative veteran, I would say I am still a junior in my life.  Having spent all those years following a monotonous routine while seeing others do ridiculous things and fuck up brilliantly, I felt as if I had never been an adolescent.
I haven't even tried screaming loud out of a car window when it drives at a full speed.
I am a film nerd who watch films but never drink.

I landed my career at advertising agency as an art director.
Then I went off to study film-making in Paris.

I believe that there is an amazing creator behind each and every piece of artwork, writing, photographs.  What's in your mind, what you have been through, what you try to say, what matters to you, how you see the world, what happens in your imagination...
All are essential to make every piece of work amazing. Amazing work impacts every one of us. It changes thoughts, ignites passion and pushes the boundary. 

So here I am,  to chase my adolescence back, making life less tedious.

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